Silhouette Arts was founded on our joy of working with children and parents. While honoring the deep history of Silhouette, (see links) we have developed a more contemporary approach allowing for increased animation, As we have watched our own children grow (there are many…) we saw the changes in profiles that reminded us of the character of our kids at that moment in time. It has been so rewarding to pass this moment on to others. We are parents, artists and craftspeople. We love kid & critters alike.

Monique Carpenter, mother of twins, has been with the development of this project for 8 years. Her skill with positioning kids for “just the right shot” is remarkable. She is also the penultimate ambassador, always showing up with a lightness and love that is infectious.

Sylvia Bissonnette, mom to one, friend to all, is the “Pro” in the photography world. Her eye for perfection coupled with her love of children (and dogs!) provides images that are beyond compare. Formally trained with over thirty of experiences, she brings skills to our team that allow for our unique approach to art.

We share this with you because WE love to do it.

We offer services that have taken years to develop and produce finished pieces that rival the best in the jewelry community.

We sincerely intend to share our skills with you in a way that enhances you life.

Thank you from all of us at Silhouette Arts

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